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Monoxious is a Singapore style blog with a DIY focus jointly run by Arissa and Dawn, and this is a space where we post about fashion, as well as anything regarding art and design that catches our eye. Monoxious initially started off as a platform in which we could document our outfits so as to encourage ourselves to dress up in what has often been criticised as an unfashionable country. We strongly believe that fashion should be creative and accessible to everyone: this is the reason behind our passion for DIY. Subsequently, we have also begun to include editorials that we love, style inspirations, as well as anything that challenges the opinion that black is boring. Black will always be the new black.

My penchant for monochromatic clothing probably stems from the remnants of a goth childhood. Whilst born and raised in Singapore, I am currently living in London as an undergraduate studying Comparative Literature and Linguistics. As my choice of subjects would imply, I love reading and learning about languages. My favourite authors include Orwell, Kafka, Perkins, and Hesse. I count myself fortunate to be raised bilingual in English and Chinese, as well as having the opportunity to learn German since the age of 14. My short term goal is to be able to read Heine, Hesse, and Schlink in their original language, and my long term goal is to acquire a few more pairs of YSL heels.

{ Dawn }

I would sometimes consider myself colour-impaired and matching colourful items just don’t come as naturally to me. This probably allows me to maximise my affinity towards black and white clothing. I am also a firm believer that makeup and hair makes up part of the outfit, explaining my overflowing makeup bag. Travelling is one of my biggest interests although I dislike the part where I have to commute and be stuck on a plane for 10 hours. My favorite cities are New York, Venice, Paris, Tokyo and London, the old world charm of Europe never cease to amaze me every time I’m there. My bucket list includes Easter Island, Jordan and seeing the Aurora Borealis which I hope to be able to cross out during my time in this world.

{ Arissa }

Arissa Ha
Arissa Ha

Besides blogging, Arissa enjoys photography, sewing and wasting her time online. She approaches most things with an unhealthy obsession (16 hour Sims marathon anyone?), only to be jaded after a short time.

She has been known to have a "bitchy resting face" but she is actually pretty friendly so please say 'hi' if you see her.

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Dawn Poh
Dawn Poh

Having been diagnosed with a serious case of clinomania, Dawn can sometimes be seen venturing out of the house - usually for food or to add a few tubes of lipstick to her makeup collection. She has a pet cat named ChouChou and she claims that her goal in life is to run an animal shelter. Her real goal is actually to be a woman of conspicuous leisure.

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