Time really flies when you are having fun. It’s been a year since I started colouring my hair regularly at Hairloom and I have to say that my hair has never been this colourful nor good-looking! You can give a pair of twins the same clothes but what determines the style really comes down to a great hairstyle and a fabulous pair of shoes.

Let’s recap and celebrate my year of rainbow-coloured hair!

Monoxious Hairloom-12

My first hair colouring with Hairloom and I showed them a picture of the pink that I wanted and they delivered! There are many types of pink and this was really the exact shade that I asked for. I could not be happier!

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-3

I was inspired by a friend’s mint green phone cover and pink phone. They looked like a great combination and I showed my hairstylist some pictures and they delivered again. The colour combination looked  like Paddle Pop ice-cream (a childhood favourite!) and a waiter said the same thing about it and I was quite happy that someone got it! Hands down, my favourite hair colour ever!

Monoxious Outfit post Cropped-2

Went a little brighter cause I really liked Lady Gaga’s teal hair! At this point, Hairloom’s hairstylists impressed me so much that I was basically hands-off with the colours and just left my hair in their hands.

monoxious Colour me black 7 monoxious Colour me black 8

At this point, my roots were showing and I wanted to darken it to let my scalp take a break from all that bleaching. Peter (my stylist) decided to dye it black with a contrast of bright blue underneath and surprise, surprise; I went to watch Pacific Rim with my boyfriend and he shot me a look when Mako Mori appeared. In case anyone’s wondering, bitch stole my look.


Regular hair colour didn’t last long. I had about a month or so of black hair and decided it was getting boring and begged Peter to give me something colourful. Both Venetia and I ended up having purple hair and I must say, I really love warm-tone colours!


Once again, I left it to Peter to decide on the colour and emerged looking like a bird of paradise! I was unsure of the yellow when it went on but after washing off the dye, it merged into a gorgeous blend of blue, green, turquoise and yellow even though there was only blue and yellow dye on my hair. SORCERY, I SAY!

If you are looking to have your hair done, I am a living example of how your look can be transformed with the right colour and haircut! In case I haven’t mentioned it, some of the stylists are also trained in the Vidal Sassoon Academy and there’s a a special promotion from now until 31st March.

#Getsassooned by one of the Vidal Sassoon-trained stylists and the celebratory package is only $340 for long hair and includes a haircut and up to two hair colours. Find out more at :http://hairloom.sg/getsassooned/ now!