I got my second Swacket recently from Harputs Union in the San Francisco store and I realised that I’ve never featured it on our blog.

I’ve always been a fan of the Swacket and the many ways that it can be worn. Here’s 7 ways you can wear your Swacket.

This is like default mode.

When you tighten the waist band and hike it up to the waist, it becomes a shorter cropped jacket with draped neckline.

Tying a belt around the waist gives it a more defined silhouette.

There’re snaps at the back at the middle where you can also attach the snaps.

This is when you wear it upside down.

It even becomes a hood when you attach the snaps when it’s worn upside down.

When you put the hood down and pull it at the shoulders, it has a boat neck collar.

The Swacket is really my favorite outer to wear. What’s your favorite?