Continuing my stint of non-Fashion Week related posts (I know, it’s obvious I’m procrastinating about Fashion week), I’ve decided to post some watches I really love. I’m not really into the really expensive watches that feature precision clockworks and stuff like that cause I approach watches from a purely fashionable point of view.

Anyway, here goes:

Kiri Watch

Beautiful frosted glass with silicon straps that looks similar to frosted glass too. Beautiful, simple and very desirable.

Available here

Icon Watch

The icon watch is one of my personal favorites. When I saw it in MoMa in NYC, I knew I had to get it. It appeals to the inner geek with its pixellised look and makes people look twice wondering if it’s a real watch or just a fancy bracelet.

Get yours here

Nava Watch Ora Lattea

Elegant leather straps and dots on the watch face somewhat representing planets circling the Sun.

Available here

Nava Watch Ora Unica

Similar leather straps as the one above, this watch might be a little hard to read for some seeing as to the fact that the hands look somewhat like spaghetti. I love squiggly lines.

Available here

Normal Wristwatch

Named the “Normal Watch”, this watch is hardly anything like its name. It features a laser-cut(pew pew pew) hour hand to reveal the hour of the day.

The normal watch is available here

OMAKE オマケ!!

While searching for these watches I found this baby.

Now everyone… *collective awwwwww*