If there’s one thing Singaporeans love more than freebies, it’s travelling. There is no better way to get away from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore than to take a short break to the beautiful beaches of Thailand or hit the shopping mecca that is Hong Kong or Tokyo. Unfortunately, Singaporean tourists have became easily identifiable due to our penchant for t-shirts, shorts and slippers regardless whether we are in Bangkok or Berlin. While holidaying may be your chance to relax, it’s no excuse to forget about fashion and dress like a slob! Arissa and I have put together a list of 5 fashion essentials while travelling here.

1. A dressy pair of shoes.

A quick survey among friends soon reveal that most of them prefer to only pack slippers and sneakers in their luggage due to space constraints. While slippers and sneakers are no doubt comfortable and easy to pack, they are not by any means suitable for every occasion. What happens if you decide to hit up a hot night spot, or choose to pamper yourself with a meal in a classy restaurant? Slippers and sneakers are hardly the way to go. I am not saying that everyone has to pack 6″ platform heels for a weekend trip to Bali, but wedges and dressy flats hardly take up more space than sneakers and slippers. Dressy yet comfortable shoes can take you to so much more places than your ratty pair of sneakers could.

If you are visiting a beautiful place, why not dress accordingly? Shoes are vital in finishing an outfit and hence they are my no.1 fashion essential while travelling.

2. A nice bag.

Is there something about those North face and Jansport knapsacks that I’m missing out on? I understand that they are easy to carry on board the plane, especially when you are lugging grossly overweight check-in luggages like I always do. Much like shoes, however, they are hardly suitable to carry to most occasions like shopping or hanging out at the beach. I find it awkward how you would have to put everything down in order to swing your backpack around to get things out of there anyway. Consider a nice weekender or a boston bag – They can fit the same amount of things inside and are much more convenient. Plus, backpacks are a neon beacon to every pick pocketers out there!

3. Makeup

Another travel essential for me is makeup. I never ever leave the country without a makeup bag!

Everyone loves to take pictures when they are travelling. And we all know what changes in climate can lead to breakouts,Β  jetlags to bad eyebags, dry air to chapped lips. A little makeup always helps you look better when smiling for that picture! It will be a pity to have a picture taken at a beautiful place, only to have everyone’s attention focused instead on your eyebags or that huge zit on your forehead. Even if you don’t wear makeup, moisturiser, sunblock and chapsticks are a must in protecting your skin.

4. Basics for layering.

I find it extremely cumbersome to pack things that won’t match with most of my items. It takes up luggage space which could have gone to shopping loots! Tank top, a button-up shirt, shorts and tights are a permanent fixture in my luggage (in black, of course.) You can throw a blazer over a tank top and tights and be ready for a night out in town, or pair it with denim cut-offs and a loose shirt for some cocktail by the sea.

Having everything in blacks or neutrals minimizes the chance that the colours won’t match, too.

5. Accessories.

You’ll be surprised at how small accessories can completely change your outfit around! You can be dressed in just a tee-shirt and shorts, but adding accessories like bracelets and hairbands is a quick fix to help you look like you’ve put more effort into dressing. Playing around with different sorts of accessories can make you look like you are wearing a completely new outfit too. You can change your maxi skirt to a tube dress by wearing a belt around your midsection – The possibilities are endless!

So here you have it, our 5 fashion essentials for travelling girls. Now it’s your turn to tell us what’s in your luggage!

What are your fashion essentials while travelling?