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Outfit Post: The Bling Ring
Just found something that was buried in my drafts! I'm so in love with the XEVANA Bastille stacklace that contrasts...
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Outfit Post: If I Had a Heart
Jacket /All Saints • Dress /Zara • Skirt /H&M • Shoes /Aldo The only good thing about moving is that...
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Breaking the monotony of outfit posts to bring you something a little more personal. Now that I've graduated, I'm officially...
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Outfit Post: Jardin Luxembourg
How has July been treating everyone? It has been a pretty exciting month for me so far, with a week...
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Outfit Post: Soirée
In many ways, Gothenburg's landscape reminds me a lot of Singapore's Keppel Bay area... A harbour's still a harbour, regardless...
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Outfit Post: White Houses
Remember when I said that I will never embark on an impromptu trip again? I don't know what makes me...
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Outfit Post: Black and Gold
Still not over my All Saints Hoxton Monument Jacket. (They call it a "coat" online, but the material is way...
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Make-Up Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner + Red Lips
Some people have asked us how we usually do our make-up and since Audi Fashion Festival is tomorrow, we thought...
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Outfit Post: Peacock In Stripes
I haven't had the chance to sit down properly to blog lately due to work commitments  but DON'T YOU LOVE...
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The Hunter & The Game
Remember what I said in the last post about losing all the contents of my hard drive? Guess what -...
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Rouge Orage
It feels good to come back after a long leave of absence - I'd like to blame it on the...
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Outfit Post: White Noise
New pictures but that's only cause Dawn is back for a few days. When the peplum trend was in, I...
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Outfit Post: Sun Worship
Has it been two months? Maldives seemed so far away and it makes me crave for another short getaway. My...
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Outfit Post: Visible Invisible
Looking back at these pictures makes me wanna go back to the Maldives again. The clear blue water and cerulean...
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Outfit Post: Colour me Black
It's been many days since my last post but I assure you that I am still alive! It just seems...
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Outfit Post: All in your hands
Holy cow, it has been (almost) exactly a month since the last update, and probably over 3 since mine. I'm...
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Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Showroom visit
For those who are eager for 15th November to arrive like I am, I offer some form of comfort by...
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Outfit Post: Shifting Gears
Photos by Venetia Sometimes, the most impromptu and unplanned events turns out to be the most enjoyable. Had brunch with...
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Outfit Post: Miss Alexander
Another set of photos taken at the really secluded place in Singapore. I was inspired by Alexander Wang's Fall/Winter 2010...
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Outfit Post: Finding Wanderland
It's not often we head out to the wilderness to have pictures taken. Thanks to Venetia, we travelled really far...
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Outfit Post: Silence in motion
My obsession with these shoes will never cease, this is easily marked by the fact that I bought two of...
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Outfit Post: Strict Machine
I really wish I lived in one of these charming colonial-era buildings. But as it is, I satisfy myself with...
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Outfit Post: At last I see the light [Black Outfit Ideas]
After all the weird colours of the rainbow on my head, I've finally settled back for black hair to  let...
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Monoxious Guide: How to make tassel earrings [Fashion DIY tutorials]
Dawn has been incredibly obsessed with tassel earrings lately and we decided to make some. This is a surprisingly easy...
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Monoxious Guide: How to make your own DIY book clutch [DIY tutorials]
We interrupt this string of travel posts to bring you something that might actually be of interest. A long time...
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Outfit Post: Flight of the Firefly [Black Outfit Ideas]
Visiting Italy was a true test of my ability to dress for summer. In Singapore it's humid and hot but...
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Travelogue [New York City]: Life in stillness
Harsh winter days are spent burrowing myself in the sheets with the laptop to keep the tummy warm. There was...
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Outfit Post: Faerie fæge [Black outfit ideas]
The weekend in Paris came and gone in a breeze but it remains one of my favorite memories with Dawn....
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Recent Purchases: Gareth Pugh x MAC collection
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Right here in Singapore we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but any reason for a good meal is a...
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Outfit Post: The Day the World Went Away [Black Outfit Ideas]
It's bittersweet going through these pictures - they remind me of the lovely time I had with Arissa in Paris,...
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Outfit Post: Dawn in Paris [Black Outfit Ideas]
For those who don't follow us on twitter (it's @monoxious by the way), Dawn and I met in Paris last...
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Recent Purchases: Taobao loot 2 + H&M madness
Resisting the urge to shop online isn't one of my merits. In my defense, I was also looking for stuff...
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Outfit Post: And we said adieu [Black Outfit Ideas]
Been procrastinating on this set of photos for a while cause it's the last set of outfit photos I have...
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Outfit Post: Sick with it [Black Outfit Ideas]
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Extended stay
It's never an easy decision to choose which shoes to bring with you when you are on a trip. It's...
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H&M Singapore: Showroom visit, unveiling before Grand Opening on 2nd Sept
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Outfit Post: So it all begins [Black Outfit Ideas]
Promising sunlight we had the other day, I am pretty glad I brought my camera out so we could afford...
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An outfit post featuring a few of the items I've been wearing the most often recently. A sleeveless asymmetrical top,...
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Outfit Post: Co●los●seum [Black Outfit Ideas]
Ah, the Colosseum! I can't stress enough how much I've wanted to visit Rome and the Colosseum is definitely one...
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What's in my overnight / travel makeup bag
A continuation from the previous post: These are the make up products I bring along for an overnight stay or...
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Glitter smokey eye Makeup tutorial
We decided to add another makeup tutorial for a more dramatic night look for all you party people. This is...
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Brown smokey eye Makeup tutorial
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Bralette Obsession
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5 fashion essentials while travelling
If there's one thing Singaporeans love more than freebies, it's travelling. There is no better way to get away from...
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Outfit Post: Lovefool [Black Outfits]
Another one of those iTunes generated titles again for our Black outfit post!!! Tis was a hot day, oh don't...
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September 18, 2014
Arissa Ha

Warning: If you are squeamish about blood or gore, skip this post.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Picture taken the day after we came back from Korea, exactly 8 days after the surgery. Color correction only.

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September 12, 2014
Arissa Ha

Just found something that was buried in my drafts! I’m so in love with the XEVANA Bastille stacklace that contrasts against the simplicity of my top and the Daniel Wellington Sheffield Lady watch.

monoxious-bling-ring-6 copy

monoxious-bling-ring-8 copy

monoxious-bling-ring-5 copy

monoxious-bling-ring-4 copy

Top /FeistHeist• Skorts /Zara• Necklace /Xevana• Watch /Daniel Wellington•Boots /Ann Demeulemeester
•Bracelet /Jawbone UP24 Fitness band

Just in case you’re looking to purchase your own Daniel Wellington Watch, here’s your last chance to make use of our discount code. Enter discount code [monoxious15] for 15% off before you check-out. Offer ends 15th September!

September 9, 2014
Arissa Ha

Arissa: Dawn and I are back from Korea! We are still recovering from our surgeries but we can’t wait to share our experiences with you.

Dawn: I know we have been getting a lot of questions in the previous post – while we have not had time to answer to all the comments individually, we seek to answer some of them in this post. I understand that it may seem weird to others that we are so open about our experiences, but I think it is important to provide information to people who may be considering getting surgical enhancements. We intend to document every step of our process, starting from the moment we arrive in Seoul.

27th August 2014 

After a red-eye flight, we arrived early in the morning at Incheon Airport where we met with a personal taxi. The driver took us directly to Banobagi Plastic and Aesthetic Clinic for our consultation and check-up.


Banobagi is conveniently located in the heart of Gangnam, less than 5 minutes away from the Yeoksam station. There’s also a bus stop where the Airport Limousine stops at which is about less than 10 minutes walk away. We arrived about 30 minutes after the clinic is opened and it was just starting to fill up with people. I was not sure what I expected, but I was really impressed with the scale of the clinic – there is 6 floors dedicated to various purposes and we were greeted with a bright and airy reception. Various consultants greet you as you step into the clinic and I really felt like some sort of VIP!

We were joined by our coordinator Claire (she’s so skinny and pretty!), who had been extremely helpful throughout our trip. Claire speaks fluent English and acted as an interpreter – she would patiently explain everything like instructions or advice from the doctors, and on top of that she would regularly drop by to check in on us! We were worried about the language barrier at first, but with Claire’s help we did not encounter any difficulties at all. Besides acting as an interpreter, Claire also took on the role of a consultant – she explained to us the surgical procedures in detail and also recommended various procedures to us.


After a brief consultation, we were taken from the reception to the 5th storey of the building which specialises in facial surgery. Before anything else, we had to take photos and X-rays with extremely sophisticated machines that are able to give the doctors a 3-D view of our bone structures – this provides the doctors with an in-depth view of our problems. P.S. See the cardboard cut-out next to us? It’s none other than one of the contestants on Let Me In, which Banobagi subsequently operated on – tell me you are not impressed by the transformation! There are various pamphlets lying around, which we browsed through while waiting to consult with the surgeon.


Both Dawn and I have an idea of what we want to change for our face and bodies but we needed to see the doctors before we decided on the procedures.


A: I didn’t like my side profile as I had a underbite and I’ve always felt that the lack of fats on my face often left me looking haggard and severe. Another thing that has bugged me since puberty was my lack of boobs. I’ve been patiently waiting for their growth since I was 12 years old but they never did. I even went through two growth spurts (accounting for my height which I am really grateful for) but my boobs just remained two sad-looking mounts on my chest.

Lastly, I have the problem of stubborn fats on my thighs, stomach and arms. I was a very athletic kid but never had small thighs even though I was on the track & field team. I signed up at a local gym last year and even though I had a personal trainer, I never really saw the results even after months of hard work.


A: We had our first consultation with Dr. Oh, one of the Directors of Banobagi about our concerns with our face. My bone structure calls for a 2-jaw surgery to rotate the jaw downwards and inwards so that the underbite can be corrected. The downtime is extremely long (about a month) and I still have to see an Orthodontist after the surgery to correct my teeth. I couldn’t afford the downtime and opted for fat grafting on my forehead and smile lines so that my features can be softened.

D: I am unhappy with my jawline – I feel that I have a round face, and would prefer a smaller face with a sharper jawline. Initially I was planning to go for fillers and botox – but after consulting the x-rays, Dr. Oh revealed that I have asymmetrical cheekbones and a slanted chin that could only be corrected with facial contouring. It is not something I have particularly noticed before, but after looking at the x-ray some things clicked – I always had trouble contouring the right side of my face and tend it hide it behind my hair due to the asymmetry. My dentist have also commented on my jaw previously and after scrutinising my face, I agreed with Dr. Oh’s judgement.


D: This is not to say that Dr. Oh was pushy about the procedures – on the contrary, he actually recommended against epicanthoplasty (which I inquired about) stating that it would change the “feel” of my features. I did not at any point feel that he was pushing for any unnecessary procedures. In fact, he seemed to want to correct my most serious problem (facial asymmetry) and create a result that is still “me”, just with slight improvements.


A: Next, we met with Dr. Ban, another Director of Banobagi for our consultation regarding Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. We had to change into robes for this consultation because Dr. Ban needed to see our bodies in order to make an accurate judgement. I wanted to know if the fats that are collected during liposuction would be sufficient for fats transfer to the boobs but it turns out that it is not enough so I’ll be going for teardrop-shaped cohesive gel implants instead.

D: I too inquired about the possibility of liposuction, because my fats tend to be stored in my stomach and hips. However, Dr. Ban recommended against having facial surgery and liposuction performed on the same day because the risks were too high. It is good knowing that Banobagi places the safety of their patients first and foremost and I decided not to go for anything else after hearing what he has to say!


Our surgeries are scheduled for 29th August, 2 days after our arrival. Claire walked us to Banobagi’s Guesthouse, conveniently located less than 3 mins walk away from the clinic with a plethora of convenience stores nearby – it’s only US$30 a night to boot! The rooms were really large and well-equipped. There are about 8 or 9 rooms available with a reclining hospital bed which is a godsend during recovery. I cannot express how awesome having a humidifier in the room is when you are extremely dehydrated.



We were also given a stash of microwavable pumpkin soup (which helps with swelling), porridges and soy milk so we won’t go hungry even if we can’t go out after the surgery. Claire told us that korean ladies really believe in the healing properties of pumpkin, and pregnant women often drink pumpkin juice and soup to recuperate after their pregnancy. Banobagi really had all the bases covered to ensure that our stay is as comfortable as possible. There’s also free wifi so you can catch up with your family and friends to let them know how you’re doing.

We will be blogging about the actual surgery day and the recovery process up next, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, please feel free to ask us anything. :)

August 26, 2014
Dawn Poh


Arissa and I are embarking on our first journey together! We have met plenty of times overseas before, but this is our first time travelling together with one another. We are boarding a plane bound for Seoul in a few hours’ time – if you are wondering why we have been rather quiet about this rather momentous occasion, it is in part because I can hardly believe it myself that it is coming true. Remember how I joked about needing plastic surgery so I can save time on photoshopping my pictures? Well, we are heading to Seoul to get plastic surgery now.

We exchanged emails with the Banobagi representative Claire (who spoke perfect English) and decided on them as they are one of the top-notch plastic surgery clinics in Korea. If you have even remotely been on the internet in the past year, you would have heard of the famous Korean reality television series Let Me In. It is a show based around transforming women living with unusual body conditions, such as excessive lose skin stemming from weight loss to bimaxillary protrusion. It was through this show that we first heard of Banobagi; after witnessing their capabilities, we feel assured that we are in skilled hands!

While neither Arissa and I face such issues, there are naturally parts of our body that we felt needed improvements. Claire has been nothing but accommodating to our frequent questions and I am actually feeling very assured despite the enormity of our decision. Prior to departing, Claire even called us all the way from Korea to check on us. We are just incredibly impressed by the amount of hospitality Claire has shown us so far, and we really can’t wait to touch down in Seoul!

We will be posting frequent updates on the blog with details of our trip and naturally,  the surgical process. Anybody wants to venture a guess as to what procedures Arissa and I will be getting? ;)

August 25, 2014
Arissa Ha

The weather is still warm but here’s to planning ahead for Fall 2014. 

I know we’re still in the dead of Summer but with all the Fall 2014 campaign images rolling out, we can’t help but dream up of the perfect Fall 2014 uniform. Shirt-dresses, jackets made of sweatshirt materials (perfect for Singapore) and minimalist accessories are on our list.


From top left:

  1. alice + olivia Sleeveless Shirt Dress, US$297
  2. Super Sunglasses Lucia Sunglasses, US$199
  3. Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Bangle Bracelet, US$78
  4. Opening Ceremony Sumi Handbag, US$545
  5. Opening Ceremony Misha Rectangular Wallet, US$275
  6. McQ – Alexander McQueen Razor V2 Belt, US$395
  7. Maison Martin Margiela Layered Necklace, US$595
  8. Eddie Borgo Halo Drop Earrings, US$100
  9. McQ – Alexander McQueen Nazrul Curved Zip Ankle Booties, US$665
  10. Helmut Lang Villous Sweatshirt Zip Jacket, US$230

What would your perfect Fall uniform be? Share it with us in the comments box below! 

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