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Camera Bags For The Ladies. Finally!
Photography didn't seem to start out as a hobby for women. Most equipment were made to be utilitarian and without...
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Brick Lane Market
3 years years since I've moved away from Singapore and it just flew by. I'm so deeply settled here and...
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Outfit Post: The Unbroken Road
Dead grass... dead grass everywhere! Singapore's been experiencing a horrid dry spell that petrifies frogs (true story) and causes human...
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How To Make Your Own DIY Marble-Print MacBook
I've been lusting after Henrietta's marble-print MacBook Pro ever since I saw it on her Instagram. Of course, white marble...
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A Year With Hairloom, A Year Of Rainbow
Time really flies when you are having fun. It's been a year since I started colouring my hair regularly at...
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It seems like I have taken a mighty long hiatus! I wish I had some proper excuse - like school,...
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Outfit Post: Concrete Jungle
Admittedly, I've been really obsessed with cracked print and marble print ever since Alexander Wang dished out his first collection...
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Outfit Post: Space Cadet
Blade Runner Cropped top / ARC the Label • White Top / Taobao •  Camera Bag /Aide de Camp •  Shoes /Ann...
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Outfit Post: Leave Me Black & Blue
This is me trying to catch up on blogging and yes, this is my current hair colour. In fact, this...
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Outfit Post: Laid Back Less
Doutzen Blouse / Feist Heist • Zahra Shorts / Feist Heist •  Shoes /Taobao • Necklace /AMEN Label • Hair/Hairloom • I went...
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Black Outfit Post: Black to White
  Happy 2014 everyone! The year just flew by and I didn't even get a chance to say a proper...
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Outfit Post: Peacock In Stripes
I haven't had the chance to sit down properly to blog lately due to work commitments  but DON'T YOU LOVE...
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The Hunter & The Game
Remember what I said in the last post about losing all the contents of my hard drive? Guess what -...
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Rouge Orage
It feels good to come back after a long leave of absence - I'd like to blame it on the...
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Outfit Post: White Noise
New pictures but that's only cause Dawn is back for a few days. When the peplum trend was in, I...
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Outfit Post: Sun Worship
Has it been two months? Maldives seemed so far away and it makes me crave for another short getaway. My...
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Outfit Post: Visible Invisible
Looking back at these pictures makes me wanna go back to the Maldives again. The clear blue water and cerulean...
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Outfit Post: Colour me Black
It's been many days since my last post but I assure you that I am still alive! It just seems...
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Outfit Post: All in your hands
Holy cow, it has been (almost) exactly a month since the last update, and probably over 3 since mine. I'm...
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Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Showroom visit
For those who are eager for 15th November to arrive like I am, I offer some form of comfort by...
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Outfit Post: Shifting Gears
Photos by Venetia Sometimes, the most impromptu and unplanned events turns out to be the most enjoyable. Had brunch with...
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Outfit Post: Miss Alexander
Another set of photos taken at the really secluded place in Singapore. I was inspired by Alexander Wang's Fall/Winter 2010...
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Outfit Post: Finding Wanderland
It's not often we head out to the wilderness to have pictures taken. Thanks to Venetia, we travelled really far...
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Outfit Post: Silence in motion
My obsession with these shoes will never cease, this is easily marked by the fact that I bought two of...
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Outfit Post: Strict Machine
I really wish I lived in one of these charming colonial-era buildings. But as it is, I satisfy myself with...
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Outfit Post: At last I see the light [Black Outfit Ideas]
After all the weird colours of the rainbow on my head, I've finally settled back for black hair to  let...
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Monoxious Guide: How to make tassel earrings [Fashion DIY tutorials]
Dawn has been incredibly obsessed with tassel earrings lately and we decided to make some. This is a surprisingly easy...
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Monoxious Guide: How to make your own DIY book clutch [DIY tutorials]
We interrupt this string of travel posts to bring you something that might actually be of interest. A long time...
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Outfit Post: Flight of the Firefly [Black Outfit Ideas]
Visiting Italy was a true test of my ability to dress for summer. In Singapore it's humid and hot but...
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Travelogue [New York City]: Life in stillness
Harsh winter days are spent burrowing myself in the sheets with the laptop to keep the tummy warm. There was...
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Outfit Post: Faerie fæge [Black outfit ideas]
The weekend in Paris came and gone in a breeze but it remains one of my favorite memories with Dawn....
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Recent Purchases: Gareth Pugh x MAC collection
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Right here in Singapore we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but any reason for a good meal is a...
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Outfit Post: The Day the World Went Away [Black Outfit Ideas]
It's bittersweet going through these pictures - they remind me of the lovely time I had with Arissa in Paris,...
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Outfit Post: Dawn in Paris [Black Outfit Ideas]
For those who don't follow us on twitter (it's @monoxious by the way), Dawn and I met in Paris last...
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Recent Purchases: Taobao loot 2 + H&M madness
Resisting the urge to shop online isn't one of my merits. In my defense, I was also looking for stuff...
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Outfit Post: And we said adieu [Black Outfit Ideas]
Been procrastinating on this set of photos for a while cause it's the last set of outfit photos I have...
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Outfit Post: Sick with it [Black Outfit Ideas]
Snagged this cape/blazer for 70% off. I swear hunting for good bargains releases an amazing amount of endorphins. This has...
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Extended stay
It's never an easy decision to choose which shoes to bring with you when you are on a trip. It's...
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Recent Purchases: Shopping loots from Hong Kong
Admittedly, I have never really been a fan of Hong Kong. I thought the shopping there was pretty ordinary and...
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H&M Singapore: Showroom visit, unveiling before Grand Opening on 2nd Sept
So sorry for the long absence!!! Dawn was away for a longgggg vacation and I was so swarmed with work...
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Outfit Post: Krásnaya plóshchad [Black Outfit ideas]
The Red Square in Moscow is one of the many city squares in Russia. The name doesn't come from the...
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Outfit post: I dream in colours [Black outfit ideas]
Russia is pretty much inaccessible for everyone, not in a geographical sense of course. Apparently everyone needs to apply for...
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Outfit Post: So it all begins [Black Outfit Ideas]
Promising sunlight we had the other day, I am pretty glad I brought my camera out so we could afford...
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Outfit Post: Sunspots [Black Outfit Ideas]
An outfit post featuring a few of the items I've been wearing the most often recently. A sleeveless asymmetrical top,...
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Outfit Post: Co●los●seum [Black Outfit Ideas]
Ah, the Colosseum! I can't stress enough how much I've wanted to visit Rome and the Colosseum is definitely one...
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What's in my overnight / travel makeup bag
A continuation from the previous post: These are the make up products I bring along for an overnight stay or...
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Glitter smokey eye Makeup tutorial
We decided to add another makeup tutorial for a more dramatic night look for all you party people. This is...
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Brown smokey eye Makeup tutorial
Out of many requests that we have received, the most popular one have would be a request for a makeup...
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Outfit Post: Black Black Heart [Black Outfits]
Arissa and I went down to Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) to lend our support to a couple...
Read more ケーキ and the little drom store
Dawn and I were exploring Ann Siang Hill, a snazzy little area in Singapore with plenty of little cafes and...
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Outfit Post: Enter Sandman [Black Outfits]
This is my "Default" outfit. I am sure most of my friends have seen me in some variation of this...
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Outfit Post: Trouble is a Friend [Black Outfits]
I call this my sailor dress. I know there are no nautical themes on it but it just reminds me...
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7 different ways to wear a Swacket.
I got my second Swacket recently from Harputs Union in the San Francisco store and I realised that I've never...
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Haji Lane Flea Market
As promised, here's the post on the Haji Lane Flea Market that Arissa and I visited! As we have previously...
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Outfit Post: Hunting for witches [Black Outfits]
HOLA~!!! It's been long since we had an outfit post. I came back from Seoul and San Francisco recently and...
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What's in my closet? [Bags]
In the previous post where I listed my current favourite shoes, I've received a fair bit of comments asking me...
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What’s in my bag: Paper Birkin Bag
Hello voyeurs, it's time to give you a peek into what is in my bag again~!! I got myself a...
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Bralette Obsession
I've been fixated with the idea of wearing bralettes as tops underneath a simple blazer or sheer blouses.. Granted they...
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Outfit Post: Firenza on fire [Black Outfits]
I am a procrastinator. It seemed like ages ago that I was in Florence, Italy and when I checked the...
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5 fashion essentials while travelling
If there's one thing Singaporeans love more than freebies, it's travelling. There is no better way to get away from...
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Outfit Post: Lovefool [Black Outfits]
Another one of those iTunes generated titles again for our Black outfit post!!! Tis was a hot day, oh don't...
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April 14, 2014
Arissa Ha

It was a Saturday that I had to work but no complains since it was a pretty productive day with Leona and we scored some sweet accessories from Mandy Wu (more on that in another post). Haji Lane was swarmed with hipsters and street photographers people with DSLRs as usual, I hate to say this but I was part of the population lugging a huge camera around, taking pictures of my coffee.



This chain mail necklace reminds me of an abandoned DIY project. Chain mail accessories are tough to make and I wonder if I’ll ever get around to finishing that DIY project.


Cropped Top/ ASOS • Skirt/ All Saints  •  Shoes /Ann Demeulemeester • Chainmail Necklace/Topshop  • Hair/Hairloom •

Photos by Leona

April 11, 2014
Arissa Ha

I don’t think I’ve ever taken photos of my work outfit…until now. That’s only because I have a talented intern to abuse while she’s still around (hello Leona!) but photos aside, it’s been a real pleasure working with a passionate and driven young girl like her so please check out her blog and YouTube channel.


I’m in love with these detachable collars. They go under my tops and dresses, giving them an instantly preppy look without making it unbearably hot.



Faux Leather Top/ FeistHeist • Pants/ H&M  •  Shoes /Ann Demeulemeester • Polka-dotted collar /Taobao
Necklace / Salut de Miel •  Bag / Sophie Hulme • Hair/Hairloom •

Photo credits to Leona

April 9, 2014
Dawn Poh


Spring has always brought mixed feelings for me. It’s great to see the sunshine after months of short days, but it also signals the end of the school year and the start of the (somewhat tedious) summer! It must be my Singaporean upbringing chiming in here, but I much prefer winter to intolerable heat… at least in Singapore, you have the option of escaping from the heat with air conditioning!

Everyone has already escaped to exotic places for their vacations, but it looks like my spring break is going to be deeply involved with the library until I have churned out my dissertation. I can’t wait to start planning for my graduation trip, though! I have absolutely no idea where I should go – any suggestions?

I have been pretty good with (not) shopping lately, but I couldn’t not peek at what Zara had for sale. And I am glad I did, or I would have missed out on this dress! It’s a couple sizes too big for me but it’s wearable with a camisole underneath it. I think it would make for a brilliant festival outfit once the summer festivals roll by – so far we are planning on attending Sonisphere and Lovebox!

spring awakening 2

spring awakening 3 spring awakening

Jacket/ Zara • Dress/ Zara  •  Camisole / Zara • Heels/ Zara

Can you tell that I shop at Zara sometimes..?

April 7, 2014
Arissa Ha

Decided to go blue again and I loved how Peter picked a lovely indigo blue and mixed in some cobalt blue as well. I don’t have much hair to work with but I’m amazed at how my hair looks different every time I step out of Hairloom.


I haven’t shopped at Topshop in a while and I dropped by to pick up some clothes for a shoot and couldn’t resist grabbing some for myself too. The leather shift dress is so easy to coordinate; I can wear it with my highest heels or my engineer boots and it doesn’t look out of place. It can get a tad uncomfortable to wear if you are out in the sun though.


monoxious-shes-got-the-blues-4 monoxious-shes-got-the-blues-2monoxious-shes-got-the-blues-3

Pleather Shift Dress / Topshop • Detachable collar/ Taobao  •  Boots /Maison Martin Margiela •  Bag / Sophie Hulme • Hair/Hairloom •
March 31, 2014
Arissa Ha


Photography didn’t seem to start out as a hobby for women. Most equipment were made to be utilitarian and without any fancy colours or design. Over the years, camera equipment have gotten more and more accessible and many have taken it up as a hobby – including the ladies. Camera bags haven’t changed much though; they’re mostly made of durable nylon or canvas and it was tough finding a camera bag that didn’t look like you were going for a backpacking trip.

I started out with just a DSLR and one lens but as my collection grew, I needed a bag that could protect my camera equipment but still matched my outfit. I tried looking for fashionable camera bags but the closest thing I found was the Porter X Nikon collaboration. I went a very long time without a camera bag, making do with whatever pouches I could stuff into my regular bag.


That was before Aide de Camp bags came along! They only launched their label last year and owner/designer Michele faced the same problem that I did; there just wasn’t any stylish camera bags around for the ladies. I got myself the Madison, a large Boston bag that packs a lot more than it looks. At its maximum capacity, the Madison bag fits my DSLR, 3 separate lenses, an external flash AND my 11″ MacBook Air.


The bags are made with waterproof nylon, gold-plated hardware and leather handles and trimmings. There are so many compartments to organise knick-knacks like extra memory cards, batteries or even lipsticks. The camera padding box has adjustable dividers so it fits my lenses snugly and it’s also removable so you can use the bag on its own.

I brought it out last Saturday for work, to which my intern exclaimed:”This is a camera bag?!

I could tell that lot of thought was put into designing Aide de Camp’s bags. The shoulder strap is made partly of neoprene so it is extremely comfortable when you carry heavy equipment around. There are studs at the bottom of the bag so that the fabric never comes into contact with the ground if you decide to put it on the floor. There are pockets with magnetic closures at the side of the bag that you can put items you need quick access to – like a lip balm or lens cap.

They have a few designs, catering to different cameras and personalities. Find the one you like at Aide de Camp‘s website or if you would like to see the bags in person, they have it at my favorite camera store (John 3:16 Funan DigitaLife Mall  #04-27). Aide de Camp is always looking to improve their bags so if you are interested in photography and have some input on the designs, you can always give them your feedback.

Check out their video for the Madison bag!

Aide de Camp has kindly offered a discount for Monoxious readers! Simply enter “monoxiousxadc” at the checkout to enjoy $30 off all Aide de Camp camera bags! This coupon code is valid until 30 April 2014.

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